Elite Innoventures debuts with culinary triumph: Juliet, Two Moons, and Minx


Elite Innoventures is a dynamic hospitality group headquartered in Bengaluru

Elite Innoventures has introduced three exceptional dining establishments at the 1 MG Mall in Bengaluru. These culinary gems, spanning over 13,500 square feet, grace both the rooftop and fifth floor.

Thejus Shivrama, Founder of Elite Innoventures, expressed his excitement, stating, “We are truly excited to unveil our inaugural trio of restaurants at 1 MG. Each of our establishments has been thoughtfully designed to offer our patrons unforgettable experiences, complemented by captivating views of the vibrant garden city. With the warm reception from our guests, we are looking forward to curating events that will spotlight local talents, including musicians and artists, in the near future.”

Juliet: A Romantic Oasis 

Juliet captivates guests with its neo-classical architecture, Corinthian columns, and breathtaking water stairway, all set against the backdrop of a mesmerising, levitating sculpture of Romeo and Juliet. As dusk descends upon the city, Juliet transforms into a sanctuary for romantic evenings. The rooftop also boasts a lively tapas bar, adding to its vibrant ambiance. 

Two Moons: Gastronomy and Mixology Extravaganza 

Two Moons, a culinary ode to gastronomy and expertly crafted cocktails, beckons connoisseurs with its pastel-hued furniture adorned with golden accents. From dawn until dusk, guests can savour delectable meals and indulge in handcrafted libations mixed by skilled mixologists. 

Minx: A Night of Opulence and Exclusivity 

As the name suggests, Minx stands as a bold and audacious private club gracing the fifth floor of 1 MG. Dressed in opulent black, gold, and blue, the club exudes an aura of power, pleasure, and exclusivity, transporting patrons to a realm of nocturnal enchantment. The cocktail offerings at Minx add an exhilarating dimension to the electrifying atmosphere. 

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Avinash Kapoli, the visionary behind Cocktail Kompany, who collaborated with Elite Innoventures to craft the cocktails and beverage menu, remarked, “We have curated an extensive bar menu that caters to discerning guests. From incorporating seasonal ingredients to introducing exotic elements, we have ensured that the cocktails are both delightful and in harmony with the theme of each restaurant.”

Chef Sombir Chaudhary, a consulting chef and integral member of Cocktail Kompany, contributed to the innovation of the food menus. He shared, “We’ve crafted a culinary adventure tailored to the distinctive theme of each restaurant. Whether it’s presenting tapas-style delights at Juliet, curating an upscale fine dining experience at Two Moons, or serving up enticing finger foods at Minx, our goal was to forge a gastronomic voyage that harmoniously blends the essence of local flavours with global inspirations.”

Juliet, Two Moons, and Minx represent the debut ventures of Elite Innoventures, a dynamic hospitality group headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. With a vision for expansion, Elite Innoventures is set to redefine dining and entertainment experiences in other cities in the near future. For Bangalore’s epicureans and nightlife enthusiasts, Elite Innoventures has raised the bar, promising unforgettable moments in the heart of the city’s dining and entertainment landscape.