Kareena Kapoor Khan rebrands Goibibo’s social media as ‘Go-i-Bebo’


By blending cues from Kareena’s most iconic film roles, Goibibo aims to merge the brand and its brand ambassador seamlessly

Goibibo unveiled Kareena Kapoor Khan, aka Bebo, as its new brand ambassador in a move that marks a remarkable fusion of Bollywood charm and the travel platform’s identity. The announcement comes hand-in-hand with the launch of Goibibo’s fresh marketing campaign, titled “Hotels aise on Goibibo, full marks by Bebo,” and a revamped social media presence. 

By blending cues from Kareena’s most iconic film roles and her real-life persona, Goibibo aims to merge the brand and its brand ambassador seamlessly, promising a unique and engaging customer experience. To complement this exciting announcement, Goibibo has premiered a new brand of film featuring Kareena Kapoor Khan. In this film, the beloved character “Poo” from one of Kareena’s iconic movies serves as the voice of every Indian traveller, creating a relatable connection with the audience. 

Kareena Kapoor Khan expressed her excitement about the partnership, stating, “It’s a delight to be the new face of Goibibo, or should we call it ‘Goibebo’? Among all the roles I’ve played on screen, Poo has been one character that has remained an audience favourite, even after all these years.” Khan also conveyed her joy of playing the character of Poo again; she said, “Becoming Poo again, twenty years later, was such fun, and it reminded me that there’s a bit of ‘Poo’ in every Indian traveler.” 

Raj Rishi Singh, Chief Marketing Officer at Goibibo, explained, “We all possess a’main character energy’ within us, which becomes particularly prominent during our travel experiences. Our broader campaign addresses the evolving expectations of Indian travellers and the growing demands within the travel industry. We are excited about this new chapter for Goibibo and hope that our audience shares our enthusiasm.” 

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The brand film was conceived by the creative minds at Talented and executed by Dharma 2.0. Priyanka Borah, Founding Partner, and Binaifer Dulani, Founding Member & Creative at Talented, shared their insights, stating, “When we discovered that Indian consumers aspire to be treated like main characters from movies while on vacation, it instantly resonated with us and led to the creation of Goibebo. While the Poo character is iconic and has been leveraged in different ways, the strategic soundness of this collaboration makes it special, and its familiarity in a new context makes it memorable.” 

Punit Malhotra, Founder of Dharma 2.0, added, “The names ‘goibibo’ and ‘bebo’ have an inherent stickiness that will remain etched in the minds of the audience. Poo is an unforgettable character, and it’s an honour to revive her quintessential sassiness in a brand-new context to connect with the masses across India.”