One Rep Global holds Ras Al Khaimah Roadshow in four Indian cities


One Rep Global, a sales and marketing representation firm for luxury hotels and tourism boards, has announced that they had curated the Ras Al Khaimah Roadshow event. This event was held in four major Indian cities: Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and Kolkata.

The Ras Al Khaimah Roadshow was an opportunity for travel partners to connect with some of the hotels in Ras Al Khaimah. This destination is renowned for its varied offerings.

 Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority announced during their four-city roadshow their long-term tourism vision, stating that they would become the regional leader in sustainable tourism, attracting over 3 million visitors annually by 2030. They will nurture a tourism industry that is economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable and supports a quality of life for their citizens and workforce while conserving their unique environment.

 “We were thrilled to conclude the successful Ras Al Khaimah Roadshow in India, and we appreciate the tremendous response we received from the Indian travel industry. India is one of the youngest countries in the world in terms of demographics, with over 70% of the population below the age of 35 years, making it a high-potential market for tourism. Ras Al Khaimah, being an adventure destination that offers unique experiences and caters to the needs of the modern-day traveller, is the perfect fit for the young and adventurous Indian traveller. We look forward to fostering long-term partnerships between India and Ras Al Khaimah’s tourism industry,” said Hemant Mediratta, CEO of One Rep Global.  

As one of the travel partners, Kaushal Bhuva, Founder of World of Vacations, shared, “We had an outstanding experience at the well-organised and hosted event. It helped us to become well-versed with the product and network with a bunch of amazing individuals from the industry regarding the same. We are looking forward to promoting Ras Al Khaimah alongside our luxury packages for an experiential and adventurous journey.”

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