Air India Express welcomes new Boeing 737 MAX-8 aircrafts, signaling sustainable operations


Air India Express receives its first two fuel-efficient Boeing 737 MAX-8 aircraft, marking a stride towards sustainability and expanded route coverage in partnership with AIX Connect.

Air India Express took delivery of its first two new Boeing 737 MAX-8 aircraft at the Boeing facility in Washington, USA. This milestone heralds the commencement of aircraft deliveries from Boeing, stemming from the landmark order placed by the Air India Group.

These Boeing 737-8 aircraft are fuel-efficient and technologically advanced, recognized for their exceptional performance and comfort, and will undoubtedly elevate the travel experience for the guests. The new fleet will enable Air India Express to expand its domestic and international network

The 737 MAX-8 aircraft marks a critical step forward towards more sustainable operations. With its advanced technology winglets and efficient engines, it achieves a 20% reduction in fuel use and emissions while also significantly decreasing noise pollution by 50% compared to older models. This also offers up to 14 percent lower airframe maintenance costs.

Early this month, Air India Express unveiled the vision for the organization that would be formed with the merger and integration with AIX Connect currently operating as AirAsia India. Both airlines also commenced interline arrangements covering over 100 routes on their combined network. With a collective fleet of 56 aircraft, these two airlines seamlessly link 44 destinations while serving over 250 routes spanning India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Prior to the eventual merger and integration, through strategic alignment, the airlines have integrated an array of ancillary services and products into their offerings. These include the Gourmair in-flight dining menu, the premium comfort of Xpress Prime seating, and the convenience of Xpress Ahead priority services, all designed to enhance the overall travel experience. Air India Express and AirAsia India also operate a unified website,, enabling users to book, manage services, and check in to flights across domestic and international routes with an integrated backend passenger service system.

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