Hilton’s 2024 Trends Report reveals cultural explorers redefining travel


Research identifies a new generation of Asian travelers – The ‘GenerAsian’ traveler

Hilton’s third-annual trends report looks at how each generation views travel, from the digital-native Gen Zer to the experienced Baby Boomer. This Trends Report for the year 2024 unveiled some of the emerging trend poised to redefine the future of travel: the rise of the ‘GenerAsian’ traveler. This new generation of Asian travellers is driven by a deep desire to understand their cultural heritage, and they are making their mark on the global travel landscape. 

In a global survey conducted in partnership with Ipsos, one of the world’s leading market research and polling companies, the findings say that the ‘GenerAsian’ traveller is marked by a strong sense of pride in their country of origin as a travel destination. An astounding 85 percent of Indian respondents expressed this pride, reflecting a growing global appreciation for Asian culture, food, and design. 

This shift can be attributed to globalisation, where Asian culture and traditions have become more accessible and appealing to international audiences through pop culture and social media. The world has witnessed greater representation of Asian culture in various industries, from matchmaking traditions featured on popular reality shows to international recognition of Asian innovation, design, and cuisine. 

The ‘GenerAsian’ traveller’s priorities differ from those of conventional travellers. They seek unique local experiences over convenience or price. In fact, 77 percent of Indian respondents indicated that they are likely to book accommodations based on access to these unique experiences, surpassing the global average of 65 percent. 

Indian travellers are also passionate about exploring local and traditional food and beverages, with 91 percent ranking it as their top priority. Connecting with the local community (90 percent) and gaining a deeper understanding of the destination’s history and heritage (87 percent) are also crucial to them. This suggests a strong desire for authentic travel experiences. 

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Culinary experiences emerge as a unifying passion point among Asian respondents in the survey, with respondents from China, India, Japan, and Singapore all prioritising food and beverage in their travel plans for the next year. 

In their pursuit of self-discovery and cultural immersion, 82 percent of Indian travellers are reducing spending in other areas of their lives to prioritise travel, significantly higher than the global average of 64 percent. Moreover, 81 percent of Indian travellers plan to increase their travel spending in 2024, outpacing the 65 percent global average. 

This inclination for travel goes beyond pent-up demand; it reflects India’s economic growth story. The middle- and upper-class consumers in India have accumulated savings during the pandemic, enabling them to fulfil their travel aspirations. 

These insights are part of Hilton’s comprehensive 2024 Trends Report, which delves into the profile of the 2024 traveller and their desires and preferences. After surveying over 10,000 travellers from nine countries and conducting in-depth interviews with Hilton travel experts, the report identifies four key themes driving change and innovation in travel for 2024 and beyond: 

Investing in sleep: Gen Z travellers prioritise winding down, with considerations like regulated workout routines and alcohol avoidance. In India, listening to music or podcasts and choosing trusted hotels with quality mattresses are top sleep priorities.

Value of connectivity and personalisation: Globally, 80 percent of travellers find it important to book their trips online, with Millennials and Gen Z leading the way. In India, 85 percent of travellers share this sentiment.

Culture and experiences: Culinary experiences and exploration top the list of travel priorities across generations. In India, dining and adventure experiences are particularly significant. 

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Business travel redefined: travellers are committed to maximising their time on the road, blending work, family, friends, and leisure.

Hilton’s Trends Report is the result of qualitative and quantitative research, including stakeholder interviews across various divisions of the organisation and research phases conducted with Ipsos, one of the world’s largest market research companies. It offers a glimpse into the evolving landscape of travel and the emergence of the ‘GenerAsian’ traveller as a significant force in shaping the industry’s future.