Singapore’s bird paradise and Mandai wildlife west to welcome visitors with open wings on 8 May 2023


Visitors will soon be able to walk through Singapore’s new bird park and get a glimpse of how the birds and their carers are settling into their new home at Bird Paradise, which soft-launches on 8 May 2023. Next to the new park, enjoy the many dining and retail options as well as playgrounds and public artworks at Mandai Wildlife West, the new ungated public node which serves as the gateway to Bird Paradise and the upcoming Rainforest Wild.

Mike Barclay, Group CEO of Mandai Wildlife Group shared: “Our animal care team and veterinarians have been carrying out the mammoth task of moving more than 3,000 birds from Jurong to the Mandai Wildlife Reserve. This ‘great migration’ was a first-time experience for both our birds and employees, and I am glad to share that they are all settling in well at their new home. We look forward to welcoming everyone who’s eager to visit the new park during this run-in period. We are also excited to be opening Mandai Wildlife West as a new, ungated community space. This marks another major milestone moment for the Mandai Rejuvenation Project, with other openings to follow in the years ahead.”

Hong Leong Foundation Crimson Wetlands comes to life with vibrant bursts of red, as flocks of Scarlet Ibises and Roseate Spoonbills take up residence in their new habitat with their striking hues creating a stunning contrast against the greenery. Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife GroupBird Paradise is a celebration of birds and their stories, and will be home to some of the world’s most threatened species – from Philippine Eagles and Negros Bleeding-heart Doves, to Straw-headed Bulbuls, Black-winged Mynas and Blue-throated Macaws. One of the species, the Socorro Dove, is in fact extinct in the wild, and only survives because of the breeding efforts undertaken by the Mandai Wildlife Group and other conservation-minded institutions.

Visitors will also be able to see the world’s largest population of Hornbills under human care, many of them flying free in some of the eight large walk-through aviaries, which are inspired by different habitats from around the globe. At Sky Amphitheatre, two new avian presentations will take flight – Predators on Wings and Wings of the World. They will have a new format and content, while retaining some of the favourite elements from the previous Kings of the Skies and High Flyers presentations at Jurong Bird Park.

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Feeding sessions, a much-loved highlight in Jurong Bird Park, return with new varieties of birds that guests can take part in for USD8 per session. These include feeding sessions with the Starlings, African Hornbills and Barbets at Heart of Africa, Pelicans at Kuok Group Wings of Asia, and the Lories at Lory Loft. All proceeds from animal feedings go towards the conservation projects that Mandai Wildlife Group supports in Singapore and across the region.

Guests arriving at Mandai Wildlife Reserve will be welcomed by Forest Gateway, an 85-m long entry archway across Mandai Lake Road that features different animals carved from rock. Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife GroupVisitors will be welcomed by the majestic Forest Gateway, an 85m-long entry archway on Mandai Lake Road that leads into the precinct. The Forest Gateway features animal rock carvings that took inspiration from the wildlife parks, depicting iconic species such as the Giraffe, Malayan Sun Bear, Asian Elephant and Great Pied Hornbill.

After passing through the gateway, visitors will arrive at Mandai Wildlife West, the main arrival area for visitors to Bird Paradise and the upcoming Rainforest Wild. Continuing on Mandai Lake Road, guests will travel under the Mandai Wildlife Bridge – an animal crossing opened in 2019 for terrestrial native animals to move about safely between the neighbouring forested areas – before arriving at Singapore Zoo, River Wonders and Night Safari.

It will be a picturesque start at Mandai Wildlife West’s arrival point, as guests are greeted by a 10m-tall waterfall before they start their wildlife adventure. This waterfall is sculpted after Indonesia’s Madakaripura waterfall, in a celebration of the region’s tropical rainforests. Get to the top of the waterfall by following the winding path behind a cascading water curtain and enjoy the cool mist, before arriving at the upper deck where playgrounds and F&B are located.

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Venture on into two anchor play areas inspired by a native Singapore species, the Sunda Pangolin, at Mandai Wildlife West. The Pangolin Adventure and Pangolin Hideout encourage junior guests and the young at heart to mimic the behaviour of the mammal with movements like climbing, burrowing and sliding.