Explore Türkiye effortlessly with new visa exemption rule, e-visa and complimentary stopover services 


Türkiye to extend visa-free entry to the nationals of UAE, Oman, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia, as of December 23, 2023. Tourists can now spend 90 out of 180 days in Türkiye without a visa. The new visa exemption rule is set to bolster the ties between Türkiye and these countries, and further strengthen the country’s tourist numbers from 2024.

The decision, issued through a presidential decree by Tayyip Erdogan, President of Türkiye, is an initiative set to promote cultural exchanges between Türkiye and the respective nations, while most importantly encouraging tourists to explore the country’s rich history, ancient wonders, and vibrant heritage.

Türkiye is also providing e-visa options to expatriates living in GCC countries. Eligible travelers can apply to the Türkiye electronic visa (e-visa) system. Nationals of Algeria, Egypt, India, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines and Yemen holding a valid visa or valid residence permit from one of the Schengen countries, USA, UK or Ireland can apply for the e-visa.

Ahmet Bolat, Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee at Turkish Airlines commented:,

Passengers choosing Turkish Airlines to travel via Istanbul Airport to anywhere in the world can get a chance to discover Istanbul free of charge. Turkish Airlines’ transit passengers are eligible to unlock two destinations with one flight ticket, as the national flag carrier offers two layover services, a free hotel stay, and a free city tour, to explore the city of Istanbul when in transit.

Turkish Airlines passengers booking flights with 6-24 hours layover time can take advantage of Touristanbul — a complimentary city tour service allowing flyers to savour and discover the rich heritage of Istanbul through 8 different guided tours.  Alternatively, passengers booking flights with at least 20 hours of layover time in Istanbul Airport can get a chance to explore the city with the ‘Stopover in Istanbul’ layover service independently and at their own pace — with complimentary accommodation at partner hotels.

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