New IBIS Hotel in Estonia first to feature the brand’s new concepts


In January 2019, ibis paved the way for a new kind of hospitality refocused on social interaction in order to satisfy the new expectations of customers. With a warm and personalized welcome and spaces that are entirely open to the outside world, ibis is developing its model and moving from a uniform and standardized approach to one that is more flexible and tailored.

 Steven Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer Accor, said, “On January 31st, we unveiled a new customer experience which positions ibis as a social hub, opening up to the local community and connecting with travellers and locals alike. I am delighted with the opening of Ibis Tallinn Center, which also embodies our new mobile hospitality vision as exemplified by the new check-in system.”

Ibis Tallinn Center, the first hotel to feature the brand’s new design standards 
Located right in the heart of the Estonian capital and opened on June 1, ibis Tallinn Center is the first ibis hotel in Estonia to feature the brand’s new hospitality experience. This begins in the lobby with a new check-in system, where “welcomers” greet guests and complete the mobile check-in process in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. The hotel features 190 guestrooms accommodating 1 to 6 people, with the new design, created by the studio INNOCAD ARCHITECTURE, combining modularity and flexibility to ensure that “home from home” feel. The latest dining concept is also on offer at Charlie’s Corner the perfect location for both staying guests and locals to socialize. Charlie’s Corner is a beer-themed bar, where the menu changes depending on the time of day. In the morning, customers can enjoy a coffee, while in the evening they can discover the Beer Wall and its wide selection, with the bar open 24/7. Ibis places the customer experience at the heart of its strategy

This hotel embodies the ibis brand’s new positioning, which places the customer experience right at the heart of its strategy. It offers travelers and locals an entirely new experience focused on hospitality, openness to the neighborhood and promoting social interaction. The brand intends to welcome visitors to a life hub, where anyone can come to sleep, dine, meet people or enjoy live music. It is a new customer experience that involves a new check-in format, an original range of dining options, a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and new, more flexible and customizable design concepts ensuring greater comfort.  Ibis has also decided to make music an integral part of the customer experience to encourage social interaction between all the people visiting its hotels. Background music is ever-present in the common areas and gigs are organized throughout the year in numerous hotels all over the world.