Prolong your summer vacation with a visit to Germany


Travellers can explore and take part in outdoor events and activities that have long been popular among Indian tourists

Germany is a popular destination among Indian travellers, especially during summer break. From urban spaces, and close-to-nature regions, to sporting experiences, Germany has a lot to offer with a keen focus on eco-friendly travel.

Every corner of Germany offers a natural spectacle that is waiting to be discovered and experienced; from destinations like Saxony, Rhineland-Palatinate, Bavaria, and Lower Saxony, to culture and history-rich cities like Wolfsburg, Freiburg and Essen. Germany is also home to 51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites – which is also a new global campaign launched by the country this year – including three natural sites and 48 cultural sites. Further, almost a third of Germany’s land area is a nature haven that includes 104 nature parks and 8,710 nature reserves.

With the summer weather being pleasant this time of the year, travellers can explore and take part in outdoor events and activities that have long been popular among Indian tourists. The nature of Indian travel is evolving nowadays. It is not just about exploring new places. Indian tourists are travelling now to immerse themselves in local culture and cuisine at different destinations.

The new Michelin-starred restaurants in Germany include 34 restaurants. Among the newly minted one-star restaurants are innovative eateries like Bonvivant in Berlin with its exclusively vegetarian and vegan cuisine, and the mural farmhouse – FINE DINE in Munich which was honoured with the Green Star for its inspiring sustainable practices. Another notable one-star newcomer is the Sahila – The Restaurant in Cologne, where Julia Komp skilfully puts her many exciting culinary impressions into practice after a trip around the world.

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The gastronomic scene in Münster is also of a high standard with two new One-MICHELIN Star restaurants, BOK Restaurant Brust oder Keule and Spitzner. These new Michelin-starred restaurants showcase the diversity and innovation of Germany’s gastronomy scene, which continues to captivate food lovers from around the world.

Romit Theophilus, Director of the German National Tourist Office in India, said, “Experience Germany like the locals this year. From active outdoor activities to lazy days in the sun, relaxing city breaks or a mix of all, no matter where your summer adventure takes you, Germany‘s regions will enchant you with their unique vibe.”