Thailand’s Mae Hong Son is truly an underrated tourist paradise


Nestled in the far northwest of Thailand and sharing borders with Myanmar, Mae Hong Son is one of the most spellbinding locations in the kingdom and for many reasons, an ideal spot for an offbeat summer sojourn. Despite a wealth of unspoiled attractions, tourists are seldom aware of this paradise, partly due to its remote location, as it is located over 900 km from Bangkok. However, this only adds to its mystique, as it remains unspoiled by mass tourism.

Being Thailand’s most forested province Mae Hong Son provides some of the most authentic and satisfying experiences that will lure you away from the pandemonium of city life to unwind in nature’s embrace. The region is mostly covered in mist and surrounded by rolling mountain ranges, pristine forests, lakes, rivers, breezy grasslands, and other countless viewpoints that will leave you in awe.

Visitors stepping into these lands can engage in many refreshing activities such as hiking through forests and hills, healing in the hot springs, visiting waterfalls, exploring the majestic Buddhist temples, taking a boat ride along the scenic Pai River, or interacting with the friendly and hospitable local tribes. As a melting pot of different cultures and traditions, Mae Hong Son is an unmissable destination for vacationers and travellers eagerly looking for an unfiltered and organic adventure. This region has so many things to offer that it would require at least a week to unravel all its charms.

Places one must visit when in Mae Hong Son, include:

Ban Rak Thai

Ban Rak Thai is often described as Thailand’s most beautiful village, and why not? This highland village is surrounded by beautiful hills and tea plantations which make it a highly picturesque tourist spot. The view of sunrise here is perfected by the solemn mist rising off the lake. Perched in the heart of Mae Hong Song, it is a pristine tourist destination perfect for an offbeat trip.

Tham Pla National Park

Tham Pla is perfect for a relaxing vacation as it is surrounded by cool hilly forests and streams with a heavenly view. One of the main reasons to visit Tham Pla is a cave that is filled with numerous freshwater fish known as Pla Mung or Pla Khang, which are of the same family as the carp. These fishes are believed to be sacred by the natives.

Pang Oung

Pang Oung should be at the top of your bucket list if you’re seeking for a stress-free romantic getaway. Due to its exotic scenery, Pang Ung, which includes a small alpine lake and a hill tribe village tucked away in the mountains, has been called the most romantic destination in Thailand. The area is made up of a lush pine forest that surrounds a sizable irrigation reservoir and provides a stunning view all year long.

Phu Pha Mok

Phu Pha Mok is probably one of the most underrated yet amazing viewpoints in Thailand. Here you can get a panoramic view of the vast, beautiful, and green Mai Hong Son province after a 30-minute walk from the southern village. The best time to visit this spot is early morning when the mist coalesces with the backdrop of a majestic sunrise.

Sai Ngam Hot Spring

What better than relaxing in hot springs after a lengthy excursion? With its serene mood and precisely temperate hot spring divided into two levels, Sai Ngam Hot Spring provides comprehensive mind and body healing. The main spring is where one may swim or float leisurely, and the second spring is where the water is shallower, making it ideal for simply lying back and relaxing. There’s also a bridge near the spring where you can dry off while admiring the stunning scenery.

Mae Hong Son is brimmed with these and tens of other prominent tourist spots. Travellers can reach this paradise easily as the province has its own domestic airport which can be accessed via non-stop flights from Bangkok and Chiang Mai.