5 reasons to choose Seychelles for the summer

Feeding Giant Tortoise in a Botanical Garden, Seychelles

Summer is synonymous with seaside fun, and Seychelles is every beach lover’s dream getaway. Travellers have a wide range of summer activities to choose from, including lounging along pristine beaches, reveling in outdoor adventures like hikes and treks, island excursions, and sailing. Travellers who would rather escape the sun than bask in it can treat themselves to world-class wellness at spas and luxurious hotels that offer relaxation with a stunning view.

Here are 5 reasons why Seychelles is the ideal summer getaway: 

Pure shores

The world comes to Seychelles for its beaches. Travellers are sure to find their signature style of beach, whether one is seeking lively or secluded; long never-ending stretches of sand or tiny half-moon patches fringed by trademark boulders.  

Did you know that India’s typical summer break months of April and May coincide with one of the best periods to visit Seychelles? At this point, travellers can expect especially calm waters. 

Island hopping 

Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands. You will struggle to cover all of them even on a long vacation. Boat excursions can introduce you to the refreshingly unique landscape that one will find at various islands. 

Whether you prefer to wander through bustling markets, get enviable pictures around colonial-style mansions or explore coastal mangrove forests and unspoilt nature reserves, Seychelles has something for all the senses in store for you. Nature lovers will thrive in a reincarnated Eden that houses over fifty endemic plants and trees, including the exclusive coco de mer palm. 

A mild dose of adrenaline

People the world over have rekindled their love for the outdoors over the last two years and there is no better place to get your dose of the great outdoors. Take a leisurely stroll along a nature trail or challenge yourself as you ascend a steep mountain path. Indulge in bird-watching or simply enjoy the feeling of life really slowing down as you take a deep breath in the lap of nature. 

Weather Window

There are some travellers who enjoy the overall vibe of summer, the vivid colours that everything takes on in the brilliant sunlight, and of course – the fact that children are off from school – but would rather enjoy a pristine beach from the shelter of a restaurant, spa, yacht or hotel room with a view. Spend the day lounging at your luxurious hotel room surrounded by 360-degree views of azure waters and powder-white beaches, lined with palm trees. Step out to enjoy sumptuous Creole fare. Get a combined dose of vitamin sea and adrenaline on a sheltered boat ride. Have your stress melt away in a relaxing spa session. Whatever you choose to do, ocean views are almost ubiquitous.

Wide, open spaces 

The past two years have made everyone more particular than ever about their personal space. Seychelles is an exclusive holiday destination and is also home to a very small population, a combination that allows travellers to enjoy just the right level of seclusion and ease. 

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