Air India and Vistara offer fee waiver options to passengers amid G20 Summit travel restrictions in Delhi


As Delhi prepares to host the prestigious G20 Summit on September 9-10, Air India and Vistara have announced waivers related to charges for flight date changes in an attempt to ease passengers’ travel concerns amid traffic restrictions.

Air India revealed that passengers holding confirmed tickets for flights to or from Delhi between September 7 and 11 will be offered a one-time waiver of applicable charges if they wish to change their travel date or flight.

Vistara has similarly offered passengers holding tickets from September 8 to 11. This initiative aims to accommodate passengers who may face scheduling conflicts or wish to avoid potential travel disruptions that correlate to the summit.

Under this waiver, passengers can reschedule their flights without incurring additional charges, except for any fare difference if applicable for the rescheduled flight.

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