and TAT launch ‘Explore Thai Taste’ to boost gastronomic tourism

646 collaborates with Thailand’s Tourism Authority to unveil the “Thai Foodie Map,” spotlighting local eateries in lesser-known destinations, amplifying Thailand’s culinary heritage. is joining forces with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to launch the exciting ‘Explore Thai Taste’ campaign as gastronomic tourism continues to rise as a travel trend that transcends borders, attracting both foreign and local travellers seeking authentic culinary experiences. This collaborative effort aims to launch the “Thai Foodie Map”— a one-of-a-kind local guidebook that will highlight local eateries and food shops in secondary or alternative destinations across the country. This campaign not only celebrates Thailand’s rich culinary heritage, but it also uses the soft power of food to promote the country’s tourism to both domestic and international visitors.

Based on research 75% of global travellers and 86% of Thai travellers seek authentic experiences that are representative of the local culture, with food being one of the top deciding factors for both Thai (89%) and global (77%) travelers. Thailand has a strong reputation for delicious cuisine, making it an ideal destination for food enthusiasts. Thai cuisine’s global popularity remains strong due to its diverse menu, which includes everything from the sweet and spicy flavours of Pad Thai to the aromatic green curries that tingle the taste buds. The #ExploreThaiTaste campaign capitalizes on this trend by encouraging visitors to visit lesser-known destinations outside of the country’s major cities.

Mr. Chattan Kunjara Na Ayudhya, Deputy Governor for Marketing Communications, at the Tourism Authority of Thailand, said, “The Explore Thai Taste campaign is an open invitation to discover the soul of our nation through its flavours. Each bite is a journey through our rich heritage, and each dish carries the essence of our culture. We believe that by showcasing our diverse culinary landscape, we can help to promote Thai destinations, particularly in these secondary provinces. By sharing these hidden culinary gems, we’re not only creating a flavour-filled journey but also playing a vital role in highlighting the unique charm of Thailand’s diverse provinces. It’s a delicious way to celebrate our nation’s cultural delights.”

The heart of this campaign is the “Thai Foodie Map” – a comprehensive guide showcasing 40 hand-picked local restaurants from eight provinces, representing the diverse culinary offerings of Central, North, South, and Northeastern Thailand, that invites everyone to explore the authentic flavours of Thailand while encouraging domestic travel.

Chatsuda Lertpiriyakamol, Area Manager Partner Services Thailand and Indochina at said, “The #ExploreThaiTaste initiative aligns with’s mission of making it easier for everyone to experience the world, and we believe that the Thai Foodie Map creation and introduction will serve as a delicious guideline for everyone to embark on a journey of unique taste and local culture while celebrating the different flavours of each destination. We are thrilled to be working with the TAT on this campaign, who are our enthusiastic guides on this culinary adventure across Thailand. Through this collaboration, we aim to create an unforgettable and mindful gastronomic journey that encourages domestic travel while also supporting local communities across the country and enabling them to thrive.”

To bring these culinary journeys to life, and TAT are collaborating with local food and travel bloggers eager to explore new destinations and share their culinary adventures in each region. They’re also partnering with ‘Travel Sustainable Properties’ on in each recommended destination, offering eco-friendly accommodations that support local communities.

The Thai Foodie Map not only highlights regional delicacies but also signature dishes from every corner of Thailand. The Thai Foodie Map promises a mouth-watering journey through Thailand’s culinary diversity, from the herbal curries of the South to the fiery Som Tam of the Northeast; as well as the savoury delights of Central Thailand to the unique flavours of the North. To further assist travellers, detailed itineraries, recommended Travel Sustainable properties and community-benefiting experiences will be published, ensuring that every adventure adheres to responsible tourism principles.

By celebrating local restaurants and engaging travelers, the Explore Thai Taste campaign under collaboration between and TAT, showcases Thailand’s incredible culinary diversity while enriching travel experiences for both local and international tourists.