Egypt presents its new tourism concept


Egypt wants to attract more tourism by expanding flight routes, bed capacity and offering travellers an even better experience. At ITB Berlin Tourism Minister Ahmed Issa outlined his concept for the sector for 25 to 30 per cent growth over the next few years. He would like to focus more on those taking individual tours as well as families. A new campaign targeting mainly 12 European countries aims to portray the country’s wide-ranging attractions.

With its historical sites, beaches and rich cultural past, Egypt is among Germans’ favourite destinations in North Africa. The country boasts 365 days of sunshine a year and is therefore a magnet for northern Europeans, particularly in winter. Tourism Minister Ahmed Issa would welcome even more visitors in the future. The new campaign focuses on various ways to holiday, with Nile cruises, sports and desert tours on offer, along with beaches and relaxation.

For Ahmed Issa it is not just about growing tourist numbers. He also wants them to enjoy a better-quality experience. That begins at home with making arrangements and obtaining a visa, continues with arriving at the airport and ends with staying at a holiday destination. He regards the mainly privately owned hotels and tour operators as important partners. The minister sees digitalisation as being a big opportunity too. In Egypt, 90 per cent of tickets to see attractions are now sold online, which makes life a lot easier particularly for those undertaking individual tours.

Fans of Egypt are eagerly awaiting the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo, whose facades are a tribute to the pyramids of Giza. Issa announced the tourist highlight was due to open in late 2023 or early 2024.