Embark on a Journey: Jordan Tourism Board Invites Indian Travelers to Discover the Authenticity of the ‘Kingdom of Time


The Jordan Tourism Board has premiered its latest brand film, meticulously crafted to enrapture the senses of Indian travelers and unveil the hidden splendor of Jordan.

“We are thrilled to introduce this mesmerizing video, a celebration of Jordan’s rich tapestry and allure through the lens of Indian culture. Infusing elements of Bollywood, bohemian chic, and authentic Jordanian heritage, this production aims to forge a profound connection with Indian adventurers, beckoning them to discover the treasures of our land,” expressed the Jordan Tourism Board.

Featuring esteemed Indian influencers and avid travelers Aakriti Rana Gill and Shaurya Sandhya Tulshyan, the film eloquently captures the essence of Jordan, enticing viewers to add it to their must-visit destinations. Accompanied by the enchanting strains of “Zahir” by talented Indian artist Akanksha Sethi, the experience is elevated to new heights of allure and anticipation.

Spanning five iconic locales, including the majestic Treasury in Petra, the bustling Rainbow Street in Amman, the breathtaking Sun City Camp in Wadi Rum, and the tranquil Ayla in Aqaba, the film showcases the kaleidoscope of landscapes and experiences awaiting travelers in Jordan.