Emirates and VFS Global launch visa service for Indian travelers to Dubai


Emirates and VFS Global simplify Dubai visits for Indians with a pre-approved visa service, enhancing travel experience and entry process.

In a significant move to streamline the travel process for Indian nationals visiting DubaiEmirates has joined forces with VFS Global to launch a service offering pre-approved visas on arrival. This initiative marks a pivotal step in enhancing the travel experience for eligible Indian passport holders, fostering a more accessible and seamless entry into Dubai.

The collaboration between Emirates and the Dubai Visa Processing Centre (DVPC) ensures that a 14-day single-entry visa is arranged before arrival. This strategic approach aims to alleviate the often time-consuming visa-on-arrival queues, thereby enabling passengers to commence their Dubai journey with unprecedented ease. Through this partnership, Emirates and VFS Global are set to expedite the entry process, significantly reducing wait times and providing a hassle-free start to the Dubai experience.

This innovative service is tailored exclusively for Indian passport holders with confirmed Emirates bookings who also hold a valid six-month visa or residency in the US, EU, or UK. To avail of this service, travelers must book their flights through the Emirates website or a preferred travel agency. Subsequently, managing the booking online allows customers to apply for a UAE visa via the VFS Global Services website, where detailed application instructions are provided.

This initiative underscores the discretionary authority of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs in Dubai regarding visa issuance, ensuring that the process adheres to stringent regulatory standards while offering convenience to travelers.

Dubai remains a top destination for Indian travelers, boasting a wide range of attractions and accommodations suitable for various preferences and budgets. The city is renowned for its vibrant Indian community, making it a home away from home for many visitors from India.

Dubai Tourism statistics highlight the city’s appeal, with 2 million overnight Indian visitors recorded between January and October 2023 alone. Emirates plays a crucial role in facilitating this influx, offering 167 weekly flights to nine Indian cities. This extensive network not only underscores the airline’s commitment to enhancing connectivity between India and Dubai but also reinforces its position as a key player in promoting tourism and cultural exchange.

The airline’s network spans major Indian cities including Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Thiruvananthapuram. This initiative is poised to further boost Dubai’s status as a preferred destination, leveraging Emirates’ extensive connectivity to enhance the travel experience for Indian nationals.

For travel and hospitality professionals, this collaboration between Emirates and VFS Global represents a significant advancement in travel facilitation, offering insights into the future of international travel. It highlights the importance of strategic partnerships in the travel industry, aimed at simplifying processes and enhancing the overall customer experience. As the industry continues to evolve, such initiatives play a crucial role in addressing the needs of a diverse traveler base, ensuring Dubai remains at the forefront of global travel destinations.