Explore The Wild Side With Taj Safaris


Come the chilly winter months, and the jungles across India are lush and vibrant after the passing monsoons, making it the perfect time for a safari adventure. Taj Safaris, India’s first and only luxury wildlife circuit, welcomes you for a new season of holidays in the wild with its Wildlife Escape offer, to enjoy the incredibly diverse wildlife in some of the most renowned National Parks in India and Nepal.

Offering an inclusive experience that allows one to feel the thrill of the forest while delighting in the touch of luxury at the intimate safari lodges, with the Wildlife Escape offer guests can look forward to private safari jeep rides to spot a host of flora and fauna including the Royal Bengal tigers and white tigers, leopards, Barasingha or swamp deer, hyenas, Sloth bears, wild dogs, and over 250 varieties of birds in India’s forests and the one-horned rhino in the jungles of Nepal.

In addition to safari drives, guests can enjoy myriad unique local experiences such as a spectacular high-tea picnic by the serene Khoka Lake at Pench National Park or a Walking Safari to spot wild mammals, birds and aquatic life at Bhamni beside the Banjaar River at Kanha National Park.

At Bandhavgarh National Park, guests can revel in the simplicity of Ranchha village with its mud houses amidst farmlands; whilst at Panna National Park, guests can walk with a local Pardhi guide to the Ranipur village, located in a territorial forest that boasts of gorges and waterfalls. Standing on the banks of the river Rapti, Meghauli Serai in Chitwan National Park, Nepal offers a large infinity pool with a viewing deck and a ‘machan’ over the river for private dining and wildlife viewing.

Wildlife Escape is an all-inclusive offer that includes daily meals, a safari ride and recreational activities that allow one to celebrate the revitalizing essence of nature. Considering the uncertainty around travel, the offer allows for flexibility with select cancellations/modifications and is fully refundable.

#TravelForIndia and rediscover all that nature has to offer while putting a smile on the many faces you meet along your wilderness vacation.