Finnair cuts flights for October – maintains critical connections for Finland


Finnair has updated its traffic programme for October. The demand for air travel in Finnair’s network has recovered slowly due to the development of the corona pandemic and related travel restrictions, and hence the previously published traffic programme cannot be implemented in full due to low demand. Finnair reduces flights from its traffic programme and flies approximately 70–80 daily flights instead of the previously planned approximately two hundred flights.  

Flights are available at Finnair’s booking site and in travel agencies’ booking systems. 

Finnair communicates flight cancellations directly to affected customers and offers customers an alternative flight when possible. Customers can also opt for a full refund of the ticket, if the new flight offered is not suitable. 

“We want to maintain critical connections for Finland to European centres and to our most important Asian destinations, as travel is vital for the Finnish business community,” says Ole Orvér, Finnair’s Chief Commercial Officer. “However, as travel restrictions have a direct impact on demand, operating the traffic programme we published earlier is unfortunately not feasible.” 

Finnair serves 42 destinations in October, but frequencies will be reduced on almost all routes. Route starts planned for October to destinations like Bergen, Barcelona, Madrid, St. Petersburg and Stuttgart will be postponed, as well as domestic destinations, Turku and Tampere. Long-haul flights continue to focus on Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, which are also important cargo destinations. A Nanjing route is operated during September and October. Finnair will also continue cargo-only flights to New York and Singapore.  

Finnair continues to update its traffic programme according to demand. In October 2019, Finnair flew about 350 flights a day and had more than 100 destinations in Europe, Asia and North America.