Luxury Tribe India 2024: Unveiling India’s luxury travel market dynamics


Set to return at New Delhi’s prestigious The Imperial, Luxury Tribe India 2024 promises an elite confluence of global luxury travel brands and India’s industry frontrunners.

NEW DELHI, INDIA – The luxury travel showcase, Luxury Tribe India, is set to return for its second spectacular event at the prestigious The Imperial, New Delhi, from 11-14 March 2024. With its unwavering commitment to fostering connections in the luxury travel niche, Luxury Tribe India signifies an unparalleled convergence of global luxury brands, elite buyers from India, and industry forerunners.

The importance of India’s growing prominence as a market for luxury hospitality brands to promote themselves to, cannot be understated. According to Knight Frank’s 2023 Wealth Report, the number of UHNWs in India is set to rise by 58% in the next five years, while its HNW population will increase by 107%. All of this equates to a class of Indian traveller with a huge disposable income, and the means and propensity to travel.

I am delighted to announce the second in-person edition of Luxury Tribe India at The Imperial, New Delhi,” expresses Sheetal Rastogi, the visionary founder of Luxury Tribe. “The Imperial is more than just a hotel; it stands as a living legacy, having played host to India’s most pivotal moments and grand events. Hosting Luxury Tribe India within its storied walls is emblematic of the event’s grandeur and exclusivity.”

Building on the momentum of its successful virtual shows and landmark inaugural in-person event in March 2023, Luxury Tribe is set to host the elite gathering of international luxury hospitality brands under one roof, providing an unrivalled gateway to India’s leading travel designers, influencers, bespoke luxury travel agencies, and tastemakers from over 20 cities across India.

At Luxury Tribe India, exhibiting brands will spotlight a diverse range of destinations to this selective Indian audience. The show roster includes luxury hotels, high-end destination management companies, exclusive jet and yacht charter operators, expedition cruise lines, tourism boards, local attractions, and independent boutique hotels.

Highlighting what sets Luxury Tribe India apart, Sheetal asserts, “Our distinction lies in our deep-rooted understanding of the Indian luxury market. Through our ILLUME conference, we offer in-depth insights and market trends facilitating seamless market entry.”

Delving into the affluent Indian consumer profile and their inclinations, Sheetal shares, “Our event caters to a segment known for its formidable spending capability. The sophisticated Indian consumer is drawn to unique boutique accommodations and seeks truly authentic experiences. Their passion for gastronomy and cultural immersion is evident. When we look at their travel preferences, the classics of the UK, the US and Europe — Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain — consistently dominate the charts. Locales like Bali, Vietnam, the Maldives, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka are emerging as top picks for shorter trips. Moreover, we’re noting a growing interest in destinations like Kenya, Tanzania, Japan, Finland, and Australia.”

Sheetal wraps up with a forward-looking statement, “India stands out as a multifaceted, burgeoning hub for luxury travel. At Luxury Tribe, we’re sculpting a passionate community where international brands can delve deep into the nuances of the affluent Indian traveller’s preferences. We aim to pave the way for luxury hospitality and travel brands to forge lasting relationships and secure repeat bookings.”

Louis Sailer, Senior Executive Vice President of The Imperial, shares his thoughts on hosting this truly exclusive event: “We would like to express our gratitude to Luxury Tribe India for partnering with our iconic hotel in Delhi. The Imperial, being the capital’s landmark hotel, is known for hosting the city’s most important events since time immemorial. The staging of this luxury travel trade rendezvous, which brings together hand-picked luxury travel buyers at this exclusive address, will be quintessentially unique for the attendees while being aligned with the hotel’s repertoire. It’s an honour for us to welcome the crème de la crème of prominent luxury travel representatives in this exquisite travel show.”

Sailer further adds “India is vast, diverse and one of the top emerging markets in luxury travel with a demand for bespoke experiences tailored to individual needs. A show like Luxury Tribe will be an extraordinary opportunity to showcase exclusive luxury travel trends with inspiring sessions and will be a platform for international suppliers to present an unparalleled gamut of offerings to high-net-worth clients. The energy certainly seems progressive and promising for the Indian travel sector.”

Yeishan Goel, Group CEO for THRS – Travel & Hospitality Representation Services, believes Luxury Tribe is pivotal for facilitating strategic discussions. “As the Indian luxury travel market continues to garner sustained global interest, platforms such as Luxury Tribe are instrumental in catalysing this growth trajectory. As the show brings forth more diversity in the buyers and exhibitors base ahead, it will become a pivotal space for strategic discussions every year. I am looking forward to welcoming the expanded consideration of diverse luxury tourism brands in the 2024 edit.”

Federico Caligaris Papa, from the Tuscan estate Il Borro Relais & Chateaux, says that his property is joining Luxury Tribe India to elevate its positioning in the market with increased demand. “Over the last two years, our brand has been expanding throughout India, and Luxury Tribe India is the lever to achieve further notoriety and visibility among luxury operators,” he says.

Yulia Gordeeva from The Mall Luxury Outlets reveals that she is most excited about returning and connecting with travel agents at the second edition of Luxury Tribe. “India is a huge country, and Luxury Tribe helps us to create awareness about our offer among Indian customers – it is one of the best shows I have ever attended. The organisation, and especially the level of the buyers, are superb.”