Outrigger Mauritius Appoints New Indian Chef, Pradeep Petwal


Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort has appointed Pradeep Petwal as Indian chef, effective immediately. In his new post, Chef Pradeep will be responsible for the wide range of Indian food in all Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort outlets, mainly Mercado and Edgewater. The Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort has Mercado, a dynamic international food market concept, celebrating cuisines from Europe, the Mediterranean, Asia, and India. 

Chef Pradeep will also prepare dishes for Edgewater, which is adjacent to the resort’s beachfront pool. It also includes a wide vegan selection and Mauritian and European-inspired dishes in the evening. Born in India, Chef Pradeep graduated from Chandigarh University in Punjab, North India with a degree in Hotel Management. He started his career mainly in New Delhi and Mumbai. He also worked in South Africa for a year.

Arriving in Mauritius in 2015, Pradeep worked for a few resorts around the island before joining Outrigger Mauritius. Chef Pradeep has been in Mauritius for seven years now. He is now learning modern Mauritian cuisine alongside the country’s traditional recipes. He is also studying advanced techniques in the preparation of European dishes.

One of the aspects that Chef Pradeep is most proud of is his ability to make nearly any Indian dish. Guests at Outrigger Mauritius can expect special flavours from Chef Pradeep such as Dal Makhni, Butter Chicken, Vegetable Kolhapuri, and also Dal Panchmi.

Coming to his favourite curry dish, Chef Pradeep has a wide range of dishes that he loves to prepare: Tandoor, Rumali Roti, Naan, Dossa, Palak Paneer, and Lamb Rara.There is good news for vegans as Chef Pradeep also specialises in vegan dishes. The influence and support of his wife and mother have been paramount for him, encouraging him at every stage of his life. Popular Indian Chef DRK Khatri is one of the chefs Pradeep admires most. He has been a role model and inspired Pradeep to master his profession.