Palace on Wheels Train To Host Luxe Weddings In Rajasthan – From The Skies To The Rails


A destination wedding like no other awaits – embark on a regal journey of love & tradition aboard 

Rajasthan’s iconic Palace on Wheels train.

Recently, a Boeing 747 doubled up as the venue for a big fat Indian wedding, with the seats and aisle decked in the hues of love. Following suit, Rajasthan’s ultra-luxury train, Palace on Wheels, has announced its availability for weddings and events like corporate meetings and wedding shoots.

The Rajasthan Tourism Department is developing new ways to promote destination weddings. To make the state an ideal destination wedding venue, Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC) has also taken steps as a result of which, soon the Palace on Wheels, which is counted among the most beautiful and luxurious trains on the world, will now offer destination weddings. Not only this, couples tying the knot will also be able to get pre and post-wedding shoots done at the Palace on Wheels.

On this occasion, Rajasthan Deputy Chief Minister Diya Kumari said that making Palace on Wheels available for destination weddings is a big decision as it will not only give a huge boost to destination weddings in Rajasthan but will also increase the attraction of foreign tourists towards Rajasthani art and culture and Vedic marital customs. She also said that Palace on Wheels is one of the most beautiful and luxurious trains in the world. Couples having a destination wedding at Palace on Wheels will not only be able to make the most important moments of their lives memorable but will also be able to play the role of tourist ambassadors for Rajasthan and India.

Moving towards developing basic facilities

It is noteworthy that work is being done by the Tourism Department to develop basic facilities for tourists at the tourist places of the state as per global standards. Due to this, more and more foreign tourists will flock to the state and domestic tourists will also be eager to come here. Rajasthan has 75 per cent of the country’s heritage properties. This is the reason why Rajasthan is becoming the first choice in the wedding destination area across the country.

Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and many other districts of the state also have forts and mansions etc. which are gradually attracting domestic and foreign tourists for destination weddings. Although there are innumerable heritage forts, havelis etc. in the state, destination weddings are being organised at 120 forts, forts, havelis etc. From this number, one can determine Rajasthan’s suitability for destination weddings.

Destination weddings are tempting celebrities

These days, the Rajasthan Tourism Department is emphasising on developing heritage places located in other districts of the state as wedding destinations in addition to the famous and renowned destination wedding places. Be it film stars or industrialists in the country, not only, Hollywood stars are also turning to Rajasthan to convert their marriage into a wedding celebration.

Destination wedding-fairytale feel

When the forts and mansions of Rajasthan are decorated for a destination wedding, it doubles the joy of the wedding and makes the bride and groom feel like the stories and fairy tales of kings and queens. This royal experience provides emotional strength to their marital union and becomes memorable.