Pradeep Shetty re-elected as President of HRAWI


The Hotel and Restaurant Association of Western India (HRAWI) reappointed Pradeep Shetty, Director of Maharaja Hotels, as its President during its 73rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) on September 16, 2023. Shetty has actively participated as a member for over a decade. 

In the newly appointed leadership team for HRAWI, Nirav Gandhi continues as Sr. Vice President, Chetan Mehta as Vice President, Jimmy Shaw as Honorary Secretary, and Paramjit S. Ghai as Honorary Treasurer. Gurbir Bedi takes on the role of Joint Honorary Secretary for the upcoming term.

Under President Pradeep Shetty’s stewardship over the past year, HRAWI has initiated numerous campaigns addressing critical aspects of the hospitality industry, including food safety, regulatory advocacy, talent development and retention, and sustainability. 

Shetty expressed his pride in HRAWI’s commitment to environmental sustainability, stating, “In our ongoing dedication to environmental sustainability, HRAWI is honoured to collaborate with the government’s ‘Mission Life’ initiative. Our recent partnership with the Indian Green Building Council is a significant stride towards this objective.”

Throughout the past year, HRAWI actively engaged with the government during the Union Budget, collaborated with the Ministry of Tourism, facilitated the simplification of GST compliance, tackled cyberbullying, initiated legal actions, addressed talent shortages, and advocated for streamlining licencing procedures to enhance the ease of doing business in the industry.

“We have consistently emphasised the need to streamline and simplify licencing procedures to create a more business-friendly environment with reduced administrative complexities. We will continue to collaborate with policymakers and the government to drive the much-needed changes required for the EoDB initiative,” concluded President Pradeep Shetty.

The AGM concluded with each member taking the Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) pledge, committing to make environmentally friendly changes in their daily lives, and inspiring their families, friends, and others to adopt sustainable habits. Mission LiFE is an India-led global movement aimed at protecting and preserving the environment while promoting sustainable living and combating climate change.