Royal Commission for AlUla reveals winning design for AlUla’s new airport terminal


Sustainability-focused design to seamlessly merge with AlUla’s remarkable landscapes while elevating the traveller experience with luxurious amenities and extensive retail areas while boosting annual passenger capacity from 400,000 to a staggering 6 million

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) has officially announced the winning design of the AlUla International Airport Terminal during the seventh annual Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh, chosen from a competitive global bid. Serving as an extraordinary gateway to AlUla, an iconic archaeological and cultural destination in the Kingdom, the new terminal embodies a blend of modernity, culture, and nature.

RCU has officially announced the winning design of the AlUla International Airport Terminal

The terminal, offering high-end amenities including a luxurious 5-star hotel, spa, and an extensive range of retail outlets, aims to redefine the standards of international airport experiences. Capturing the essence of AlUla from touchdown to take-off, the terminal is poised to be a cornerstone of every visitor’s journey. The design promises that the infrastructure will seamlessly blend with AlUla’s natural landscapes, ensuring harmony and coexistence.

Through new airport routes and a projected surge in annual passenger capacity from 400,000 to 6 million in its ultimate phase, the terminal is set to revolutionise AlUla’s connectivity to the global stage, making it an easily accessible jewel for international travellers.

Beyond the realm of tourism, the project envisions a transformative impact on the community. By drawing more travellers to AlUla, the initiative is poised to channel increased revenue into the economy and open a plethora of job opportunities for its residents.

Originally conceived a decade ago to cater to domestic regional traffic, AlUla International Airport’s capacities have been outstripped by AlUla’s soaring success as a global destination. Such unprecedented demand necessitates immediate expansions and further investments, reiterating RCU’s unwavering commitment to championing AlUla’s growth and global appeal.

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