Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea International Airport to open this summer, details revealed


The airport will start off with domestic arrivals this year and accommodate international flights by 2024

Saudi Arabia’s mega-project destination, The Red Sea will open its first international airport this summer. Red Sea International Airport will initially start with domestic arrivals and move to accommodate international flights by next year, Red Sea Global (RSG),CEO, John Pagano revealed.

“Our Red Sea International Airport opens this summer, with the capacity to handle domestic arrivals, and by 2024, it will accommodate international flights,” he said.

The airport will be a full-scale boutique airport built to handle all sizes of aircraft, from private jets to the Airbus A380.

Red Sea International Airport: A sustainable travel hub

Furthermore, it will be the only airport in the region to have a dedicated runway for seaplanes.

Pagano explained that the Red Sea International Airport will be solely powered by renewable energy, similar to the rest of both Red Sea Global destinations, The Red Sea and Amaala.

“There will be no baggage claims area at the new airport. “Instead luggage will be delivered to guests’ hotel rooms to shorten processing times,” the official website read.

The airport will also feature state-of-the-art amenities including a spa, and high-quality restaurants and is expected to serve one million passengers.

“We aim for it to become the first carbon-neutral airport in the Middle East,” Pagano said. This represents a huge milestone for Red Sea Global, and it means we will become the first of Saudi Arabia’s original giga-projects to receive visitors,” he said.

The Red Sea is surrounded by the world’s fourth-largest barrier reef system and spans over 28,000 square kilometres. The destination will comprise over 90 untouched islands, pristine beaches, dormant volcanoes and more.

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Amaala places focus on luxury wellness and sports retreats with a yacht club, and active sports facilities including equestrian, polo, camel racing, falconry, golf and tennis.