Skyscanner’s 2023 Report: Indian travellers’ preferences and budget insights


Skyscanner’s 2023 wrap-up reveals Indian travellers’ top destinations and budget-friendly choices. Dubai and Bangkok lead, with emerging trends in cost-effective travel experiences.

Global travel marketplace Skyscanner reflects on a year of helping more travellers than ever explore the world and shares a wrap-up of how India travelled in 2023.

Top spots for Indian travellers in 2023

Dubai claims its spot as the most popular international destination in 2023. Celebrated for its modern extravagance and world-class attractions – from artificial islands to mega malls and majestic skyscrapers – Indian travellers loved to visit the gleaming city in 2023.

Bangkok was the second most popular international destination for Indian travellers this year. From savoring street food delights in bustling markets to exploring ornate temples like Wat Pho and indulging in the vibrant nightlife along Khao San Road, the city known for its bustling energy and cultural richness captivated Indian travellers in 2023.

This year, more and more Indian travellers opted for alternative, budget-friendly Indian cities that deliver on culture and cuisine. According to Skyscanner data, Jagdalpur in India was the cheapest flight destination of them all with return flights costing just ₹3,035 on average in 2023.

As revealed in the infographic, Skyscanner has also identified the cheapest destination to book each month for Indian travellers throughout 2023, as well as the cheapest three-star hotel stay and city to hire a car in 2023:

After analysing prices across thousands of destinations globally, Nha Trang in Vietnam is revealed as the cheapest city for a three-star hotel stay, for those travelling from India. Known for its picturesque coastal beauty and cultural heritage, Nha Trang offers not only affordability but also promises a delightful stay enriched with Vietnam’s diverse experiences.

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Doha in Qatar comes out on top as the city with the cheapest car hire offering, with Indian travellers paying only ₹2,198/day on average. Doha is an excellent starting point to embark on a road trip adventure, allowing travellers to traverse Doha’s modern marvels, visit iconic cultural sites, and delve into the desert landscapes.

Skyscanner’s Travel Trends and Destination Expert, Mohit Joshi, shares, “As we reflect on the year of travel, it’s clear how Indians have embraced global exploration despite tightened budgets. This traveller behaviour correlates with the emerging trends as revealed in our recent Travel Trends 2024 report, which highlights that the value of experiences and cultural exploration will be key considerations, with price no longer solely ruling decision-making for Indian travellers.

We expect this momentum to only grow next year as the 2024 report also highlights that 86% of Indian travellers plan to take the same number, if not more, trips abroad in 2024 compared to 2023. We also predict Nice in France to be a great-value destination for Indian travellers in 2024, with airfares having dropped by over a third over the past 12 months.

2024 will also see Indian travellers heading abroad to see their favourite artists play, with a third of fans saying they would travel to short-haul destinations to hear their favourite artists live, while 20% would fly long-haul.”