Spicejet launches portable ventilator for patients with moderate breathing issues


Spicejet has launched Spiceoxy, a portable, non-invasive ventilation device for patients with mild to moderate breathing issues.

Spiceoxy is intended to provide ventilator support to treat adult and patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) or respiratory insufficiency. It can be used at home, in an ambulance, on hilly terrains like army base camps, hospitals, and portable applications such as wheelchairs and gurneys.

The device has been certified by international agency TUV.

Additionally, the company has also introduced fingertip pulse oximeters, a handy device to measure the oxygen level of the blood.

Ajay Singh, chairman and managing director, Spicejet said, “Today is a big day for Spicejet as we take another giant step in our journey to building a stronger and a more Aatma Nirbhar India (Self-sufficient India).

“I am extremely happy to share that the Spiceoxy ventilator and pulse oximeter that we are launching today is proudly ‘Made in India’, designed and manufactured by our talented team of engineers.

“I am sure that these non-invasive, portable ventilators will greatly help patients with breathing issues and other chronic problems and can be easily used at home and taken along during travel. Spicejet will continue to foster innovation to address challenges and offer solutions.”

The device is available for purchase online at Spicejet’s e-commerce website spicestyle.com.