Sri Lanka Roadshow lights up Mumbai and Delhi


Sri Lanka Tourism’s roadshow in Mumbai and New Delhi highlights the island’s attractions, aiming to attract Indian tourists with a focus on safety, beauty, and cultural diversity. With a significant increase in Indian tourists and new initiatives like accepting Indian Rupees, Sri Lanka reinforces its position as a key destination for sustainable and adventure tourism, promising “You’ll Come Back for More.”

Sri Lanka Tourism invites India to embark on an unforgettable journey through a captivating two-city roadshow series. Commencing in Mumbai on 9th February with OTM and extending its allure to New Delhi on 20th February 2024 with SATTE, this event promises to showcase the best of Sri Lanka, enticing visitors with the resonant tagline, “Sri Lanka – You’ll Come Back for More.”

Emerging from a triumphant year that witnessed over 1.4 million tourist arrivals by December 2023, this roadshow is a testament to Sri Lanka’s commitment to recovery since 2019. Aimed at engaging Tour Operators, Media, Key Influencers, Corporates, MICE Agents, Trade Associations, and others in the Indian tourism community, the event underscores that Sri Lanka is not merely a destination but a beckoning sanctuary of safety, beauty, and endless attractions for both leisure and business travel.

Championed by industry leaders including Sri Lankan Airlines, Indigo Spice Jet, Air India & Vistara, the roadshow features insightful Business networking Evening, fostering invaluable partnerships. The event promises to reshape perceptions, highlighting Sri Lanka’s diverse attractions and cultural treasures under the inviting tagline.

Tourist Arrivals from India: Rewriting History, Inspiring the Future

India has long been a vital source of tourism for Sri Lanka and 302,844 tourists have visited Sri Lanka during the year 2023, comprising 20 % of total arrivals. In 2024, approximately 40,000 tourists have visited Sri Lanka so far, making a positive contribution to the country’s economy. Beyond attracting tourists, this initiative aims to rejuvenate Sri Lanka’s tourism industry, contributing to the nation’s resurgence in the economic aspects.
Sri Lanka Tourism promises the best tourist experience and assures Indian tourists and investors that the country is open for business and all possible measures have been taken to ensure the safety and security of all visiting the country for leisure and business.

Some key highlights

  • In January 2024, the number of Indian tourists visiting Sri Lanka increased by over 100%, rising from 13,759 (January 2023) to 34,399.
  • There is a discussion on the use of Indian Rupees (INR) for transactions in Sri Lanka.
  • Sri Lankan citizens are now permitted to hold INR equivalent to $10,000 in physical form, streamlining transactions and trade between the two countries.
  • Both Sri Lankans and Indians can utilize Indian rupees instead of U.S. dollars for international transactions, marking a significant development in bilateral trade.
  • This move makes Sri Lanka the third country, following Nepal and Bhutan, where INR can be freely used, underlining the country’s growing significance in regional economic dynamics.
  • Renowned for its rich cultural heritage and diverse natural landscapes, Sri Lanka boasts ancient temples, historical sites, wildlife reserves, and pristine beaches.
  • The country is committed to sustainable tourism practices, focusing on eco-friendly initiatives and responsible travel to protect the environment and preserve cultural heritage.
  • Adventure tourism is actively promoted in Sri Lanka, with activities such as hiking, trekking, water sports, and wildlife safaris gaining popularity among tourists.
  • Sri Lanka has invested significantly in enhancing its tourism infrastructure, including upgrading transportation networks, expanding accommodation options, and improving facilities at popular tourist destinations.

As Sri Lanka continues to flourish as a preferred destination for Indian tourists, these recent developments in currency transactions and the commitment to sustainable tourism practices further solidify its position on the global tourism map. Embark on this captivating journey with a pilot project offering free tourist visas for the initial 30 days of stay until March 31, 2024. Travellers from India and six other designated countries can enjoy dual entry status, unlocking a memorable 30-day experience in Sri Lanka, where the promise echoes: “Sri Lanka – You’ll Come Back for More.”