Taiwan prepares ‘Holiday for Healing’, to focus on more enriching experiences

Cherry blossom in tianyuan palace, Taiwan
Cherry blossom in tianyuan palace, Taiwan

We are globally in a difficult situation. All of India is in a lockdown. Typically, Spring and Summers are when Taiwan gets ready to host its maximum visitors from India.

Taiwan Tourism Bureau, in close contact with all stakeholders within Taiwan and in India, is keeping a close eye on the situation and exploring ways to recover from the situation, once the virus is a thing of the past. TTB understands that the extent of damage caused by the virus – to lives, businesses and our own stress levels – will not be overcome quickly. It also understands that when travel resumes, the safety and health of all travellers will be paramount. During this road to recovery, TTB’s communication will embark on a new campaign focusing on: ‘Holiday for Healing’.

Holiday for Healing will include:

–          Focussing on enriching holidays which emphasize on quality time being spent together by families, friends

–          Rejuvenating experiences, rather than commercialized options. These will include greater focus on Taiwan’s mountains (which was already TTB’s main focus for 2020), natural hot springs, trekking, birdwatching and similar experiences

–          Greater interaction and experience with the culture of Taiwan and its people instead of large, crowded festivals

–          And finally, continued transparency on the health situation, and prioritizing the well-being of all visitors

Speaking specifically about India in the context of ‘Holiday for Healing’, Dr Trust HJ Lin, Director of TTB for India, Asia Pacific and Middle East, said, “India has been and will remain an important market for us. In the past few years, we have seen a steady increase in traffic from India. At the start of the year, we had announced that 2020 would be the year of promoting our mountains in India. And once things improve and travel resumes, this theme becomes more pertinent than ever.

At the start of the year, Taiwan was estimating at a 20% growth in this year’s tourism from India. Based on prolongation of the health situation and prioritising the wellbeing of travellers, a revised estimate is only possible once the situation improves globally, and significantly.

In addition, Taiwan has received global praise for its deft handling of the health situation in the region, with compliments for being prompt and transparent. Even in the aftermath of the virus, transparency of the situation and well-being of its visitors will continue to remain a priority.

Taiwan sends its prayers and wishes to all of India and look forward to being in a position to welcome all of you soon to a safe and enjoyable holiday – a ‘Holiday for Healing’. In the meantime, share with TTB your experiences and expectations from a holiday in Taiwan on Instagram using the hashtag #holidayforhealing.