The 28th ITE and the concurrent 9th ITE MICE in Hong Kong


itePartner organizations and exhibitors, repeating and new included, are making the 28th ITE and the concurrent 9th ITE MICE in Hong Kong much more attractive! The Expo of ITE & MICE indeed serves as a good snapshot of the travel world for the Asian travelers!

ITE & MICE this year is expected to draw around 700 exhibitors, 85% of which from abroad and include some 100 tourism boards at national to municipal levels from various destinations. Exhibitors come from some 50 countries and regions, of which around 40% from Asia, 40% from Europe, the Americas and Oceania, and 20% from Middle East and Africa. In fact, the international part of the Expo is among the largest in Asia’s travel fairs.

The Expo, which will next be held from 12 to 15 Jun 2014 at Hall 1A to 1E Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, also highlights themes such as Travel Photography, Cruise, Wellness, Overseas Wedding, In-depth Travel and Sport Tourism etc, and work with related organizations to stage trade seminars and displaying useful background info.

Several repeating pavilions / destinations are substantially expanding this year scale of their participations, and some even double the space required. In particular, Japan and Taiwan are continuing their expansion streak in recent years, and will respectively take more than 50 and 40 booths, each of which include the official pavilion, municipal groups and independent exhibitors. Meanwhile, Guam, South Korea, Switzerland and USA are among those destinations with significant expansion.

There are also new official pavilions / participations this year, which at present include those by tourism boards from Berlin, Czech, Indonesia, South Africa, Sweden, and Tainan from Taiwan, and likely be a few more. In recent years, the Expo has been welcoming more exhibitors like groups organized by province and city from various international destinations, and overseas ground operators.

Regional and international trade associations will again hold prestigious functions during trade days on June 12 and 13, and they include the “8th GHM forum” & the “2014 Golden Pearl awards Ceremony” by the Guangdong Hong Kong Macau (GHM) Hotel General Managers Society, “Expediting Visa Application” Seminar by the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE), Cruise Training Seminar by the Asian Cruise Council (ACA), and the “Planning Tour for Overseas Wedding” Seminar by the Wedding Management Association. In all, there will be around 20 trade seminars for the travel trade, MICE and Corporate Travel, including the “Technology to maximize Meetings Investment” Seminar by American Express.

The Expo’s seminars emphasize on quality and conciseness, each of which lasts within two hours. There will also be Business Matching, some of which by trade associations. In general, seminars are free, and those interested can apply pre-register online on as Registered Buyer and/or Trade Visitor, and for the seminars.

In the public days are around 80 seminars and round the clock cultural performances, and all well attended. In particular more famous travel writers and celebrities will hold public seminars this year on different aspects of In-Depth Travel which can range from cultural to religious. There will be travel photo exhibition by professional body, demos and small group discussions at the Sport Tourism Corner, and other info stands on Cruise, Overseas Wedding and Sport Tourism facilitating visitors locating related exhibitors and activities in the Expo.