Turkey announces single entry visa with 2-year validity for Indian Travellers


In an attempt to boost the arrival of Indian tourists to Turkey the Embassy of The Republic of Turkey in India recently announced to offer long validity visas to the Indian applicants. Under this decision, the Turkish consulate will offer single entry visas with 2-year validity for applicants.

In addition to this, Turkey will issue a new sticker visa free of charge for the applicants who already have a sticker or an e-visa but were not able to use it because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The new Visa thus issued will also have two-year validity. If the applicant could not travel due to pandemic, the applicant can re-apply for the visa free of charge.

Turkey opened its borders for tourism in June with well-planned Covid regulations in place due to which the country has emerged as a major tourist destination. Due to this, nearly 1 million International visitors arrived in Turkey in the month of July. The pickup in Turkey’s tourism continues as the country that welcomes millions of tourists from all over the world every year launched a Safe Tourism Certification program which is implemented in various areas including transportation and accommodation to ensure a safe vacation for tourists this season. 

Tourists travelling to Turkey from many different countries return to their countries healthy and safe having spent their holidays in certified facilities in Turkey.   As one of the first countries to launch Safe Tourism Certification Program in the world, Turkey received thousands of applications from hotels, restaurants and transportation companies upon the launch of the program and the number of certified facilities is now over 2,000