8 Can’t-Miss Ways To Experience Croatia On The Water

Turquoise waterfront of Hvar island in Dalmatia, Croatia

The European country of Croatia offers an abundance of land activities that will keep many travelers entertained, but to truly appreciate the beauty, you must experience Croatia on the water. After all, unlike its Mediterranean counterparts, Italy and Greece, only Croatia has the Route of the 1,000 Islands, which actually includes 1,244 unique islands, for endless exploration opportunities.

Of course, travelers aren’t likely to have their own means to get out on the Mediterranean Sea. Luckily, our friends at GetMyBoat have over 3,000 snorkel and fishing charters, island excursions, speedboats, sailboats, kayaks, and rafts available for rent in Croatia. These are the top activities you must do on the water to truly embrace everything Croatia has to offer.

Take A Snorkel Tour

woman snorkeling on boat tour in Zadar, Croatia

The Mediterranean Sea is home to a brilliant selection of untouched underwater wonders, plus many historical artifacts and sunken ships that can only be viewed here. To get up close and personal with this ecosystem, it is recommended to take a full-day snorkel tour of the Zadar area on this personal charter. The tour includes all necessary snorkel gear and a professional skipper to guide guests to the must-see spots, including Shipwreck Bay Verunic, Shipwreck Michelle, hidden beaches, and secret underwater caves. Along the way, the guide will entertain guests with stories about local customs and historical landmarks.

Tour the Blue Caves

Blue Caves in Croatia boat tour

Biševo Island is home to the magical Blue Cave, an absolute bucket-list place to experience. The Blue Cave is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the sun beams through a crack in the cave and illuminates off the ocean, producing a stunning silver-blue light through the cave. The rest of the island offers quality wine tastings, uncrowded sandy beaches, and friendly islanders excited to host new visitors and showcase their home.

In order to get to Biševo Island, one must travel by boat! Although visitors can take a quick boat taxi to the island, it is recommended to take a speedboat tour, available for both a private group (up to 12 people) and smaller groups looking to join others during the excursion. The boat ride cost is minimal at only $22/person, but the memories created will be priceless.

Go Fishing on a Private Charter

fishing charter boat in Croatia

Deep-sea fishing is a thrill for visitors in any beach town, but the Croatian coastal waters promise to offer a bounty of species not commonly found elsewhere. It is recommended to take a charter captained by a seasoned fisherman. Especially while exploring new waters. The expert will know the current fishing hot spots and the secret tips to securing The Catch Of The Day. We love this half-day fishing charter that promises guests will catch fish like John Dory, Common Pandora, Seabream, and even Scorpionfish. Plus, these skippers offer a huge bonus: cleaning the catches for their guests! Another excellent option for both half-and full-day fishing charters is this Motor Yacht, complete with an experienced fishing team aboard included in the cost.

Try your hand at Spearfishing

spearfishing boat tour in Croatia

For the extra adventurous, why not test your spearfishing skills? That’s right, spearfishing is exactly what it sounds like. This ancient hunting tactic has been used since early civilizations, and, although the Croatian tours are more modernized, simply involve diving or snorkeling with a spear to catch fish. Since legal spearfishing in Croatia does require a license, it is recommended an all-inclusive full-day charter. This tour includes a professional guide, all equipment needed, a lesson, and a mid-day meal in addition to the license.

Go Parasailing

parasailing in Croatia

Parasailing is an exhilarating way to experience Croatia with unique views that are only possible while soaring through the sky. It is a thrilling and safe activity for travelers of any age, but those with extreme acrophobia may feel more comfortable on the boat pulling the parachute. It is recommended parasailing charter near Split, especially for first-timers. Their experienced crew ensures the safety of the gear prior to each guest and offers options for 1-, 2-, and 3-person chairs.

Take A Kayak Safari

Kayak rental safari tour River Mrežnica in Slunj, Croatia

If your Croatia trip is mostly inland, there are water activities for you, too! The River Mrežnica, only 39 miles long, packs a lot of magic and beauty into its short run, including 93 cascading waterfalls. It is recommended to take a full-day kayak safari in Slunj, which promises over a dozen waterfall sightings, bountiful swimming opportunities, and stunning canyons to explore. The tour includes a 2-person sturdy inflatable kayak and paddles, a professional guide, and even a photographer to capture your adventure. The crew ensures the safari is a safe all-age activity while floating the best part of the Mrežnica.

Try White Water Rafting

white water rafting in Croatia

If leisurely river kayaking is too slow for your speed, Croatia is home to dozens of white water rapid-filled rivers. Although these rapids move at a much quicker pace, these trips still offer an exciting way to view the natural beauty of Croatia’s interior. For safety purposes, beginners should opt for the larger inflatable rafts on these rougher waters, as kayaks and canoes are more likely to flip. This affordable daily white water rafting trip is only $57/person and includes transport from Split and Podstrana, an English-speaking guide, insurance, and all rafting equipment.

Rent Your Own Boat For A Day

motorboat rental in Croatia

For those who prefer to explore at their own pace, renting a boat on the Mediterranean is a great option to travel to nearby islands, cruise the Croatian shores, or just find a nice inlet to relax and swim. Motorboat Barracuda 545 is available to rent in Split with or without a captain. Croatia does require captains to have a valid boating license, so keep that in mind when deciding whether or not to hire the skipper. This fun speedy boat holds up to 7 people and promises a memorable day out on the sea.

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