Atmosphere Core’s grand India premiere


Renowned for its exceptional services in the Maldives, global hospitality company ‘Atmosphere Hospitality Private Limited’ extended its presence in India by introducing its prestigious brand portfolio—THE OZEN COLLECTION, Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts, and COLOURS OF OBLU—to the subcontinent, marking the beginning of an extraordinary venture. The launch promises to herald a paradigm shift in the Indian hospitality landscape through its unique offerings and unforgettable experiences.

Drawing from its acclaimed resort experiences in the Maldives, the company is committed to delivering exceptional guest journeys at its upcoming distinctive properties in India. In the Maldives, this hospitality giant has successfully introduced three brands and eight resorts within a decade. Atmosphere Core has unveiled an ambitious plan for India, aiming to establish 25 remarkable hotels and resorts by 2025. The company has taken a significant step forward by announcing eight outstanding properties under two brands: Ozen Mansion Kolkata, Ozen Privado Goa, Ozen Nandi Hills Bangalore, Sadar Manzil Heritage by Atmosphere Bhopal, Stillwood Retreat: A Signature Atmosphere Coorg, Varsā Elements Of Nature by Atmosphere Kannur, Atmosphere Bhubaneswar, and Atmosphere Lake View Kolkata. 

The grand unveiling took place in New Delhi, where Atmosphere Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. Chairman Dipti Ranjan Patnaik shared his dream of establishing Atmosphere as a prominent hotel brand in India with a focus on delivering ‘Joy of Giving’ to guests. “India’s rich cultural tapestry and diverse landscapes offer immense potential for extraordinary hospitality. With our commitment to sustainability and the ‘Joy of Giving’, we aim to create a hospitality legacy in India,” said Patnaik.

“Atmosphere Core has always stood for redefining hospitality experiences, and today, we have brought this legacy to India. Our commitment to organic growth, sustainable development, and distinctive brand experiences has transformed the Maldives, and we are thrilled to bring this transformation to India,” shared Salil Panigrahi, Managing Director, Atmosphere Core. 

Highlighting the company’s expansion plans in South Asia and echoing the ethos of giving joyfully from the heart and soul as well as refining and elevating the individual experiences crafted for guests under Panigrahi’s leadership, Souvagya Mohapatra, Managing Director of Atmosphere Core—India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan, said that Atmosphere Core has forged new standards for hospitality in the Maldives, and this legacy is set to continue in India. “Each of the properties will have unique designs and facilities, exclusive amenities, and a service style. And to ensure the same, we are hiring the right talent set with a strong focus on learning and development,” he said.

While Ozen Mansion Kolkata in the uber-luxury segment will have 235 keys and its expected date of opening is Q2 2024, Sadar Manzil in the boutique luxury segment will only have 22 suites and see the light of day in the same period as Stillwood Retreat, which will have 42 villas with private decks and outdoor hot tubs. Atmosphere Lake View is expected to open its doors by Q4 of 2026 and will have 100 villas, whereas Atmosphere Bhubaneswar, with 170 keys, will be operational by Q2 of 2026. With 51 villas, Ozen Privado Goa will open in Q4 2024, and Varsa Elements, with 70 keys, is likely to get operational by Q4 2025. Lastly, Ozen Nandi Hills in Bangalore will have 70 villas and also see the light of day by Q4 of 2025.