Take a scenic ferry to Sharjah from Dubai!


Planning to explore the UAE? Here’s presenting an exciting option: a ferry route connecting Sharjah and Dubai! This ferry service linking the two emirates offers a great way to explore the wonders of Sharjah, UAE’s third-largest emirate.

Glide in comfort from Dubai’s Al Ghubaiba Marine Station, passing Dubai Islands and Deira Corniche, to reach the serene waterside views of the cultural emirate, docking at Sharjah Aquarium Marine Station.

Once here, there’s a lot for you to experience – from museums to beaches to souqs. Read on to know more about what you must include in your Sharjah itinerary!

Al Khan Beach

Situated within the Al Khan neighbourhood in close proximity to Sharjah city, this beach stretches across 600 meters of sandy shoreline and includes a designated section for both swimming and engaging in water sports. For those seeking adventure, the adjacent surf school offers a range of activities such as kayaking, parasailing, surfing, and flyboarding. Those inclined towards a more leisurely experience can unwind on the sandy shores while enjoying the pleasant Sharjah weather. In the designated swimming zone, one can comfortably wade in the water, or opt for activities like riding on a banana boat or participating in beach volleyball. Families with children will find abundant entertainment options, including a playground featuring multiple slides tailored for younger kids. This beach stands as an ideal destination in Sharjah for a quick and refreshing outing amidst nature’s beauty, perfect for quality time with friends and family.

Sharjah Aquarium

Catch the sunset at the beautiful Al Khan beach and then head to the Sharjah Aquarium for a late evening tour. The aquarium boasts 20 tanks that replicate a variety of native underwater environments. These range from vibrant coral reefs and rocky tide pools to serene lagoons and dense mangrove forests. A covered walkway provides an up-close and personal opportunity to observe the diverse marine creatures that inhabit these settings. For an enriching family outing, consider coordinating your visit with one of the scheduled fish feeding sessions or informative talks. Children will take pleasure in expanding their knowledge about the ocean inhabitants and engaging with the hands-on interactive exhibits. The aquarium unquestionably secures its place as a top recommendation for family-friendly activities in Sharjah, particularly when aiming for an educational and entertaining experience for children.

Sharjah Maritime Museum

Your ticket includes entry to the Sharjah Maritime Museum next door, where you can learn about the coast in more detail. The importance of the sea in Sharjah’s growth becomes evident as you explore thoughtfully arranged exhibitions showcasing aspects like pearling, fishing, and trade. The exhibits feature various wooden dhows, including a life-sized pearling boat, as well as an array of fishing and diving gear and tools. Delve into the history of gathering Arabia’s renowned pearls and marvel at an exquisite specimen unearthed by archaeologists in a coastal Sharjah cemetery. This remarkable pearl, thought to be among the world’s oldest, offers a glimpse into the past.

Flag Island

The Flag Island proudly displays the flag of the UAE on a towering pole that reaches a height of 123 meters. This remarkable pole secured its place as the world’s 7th tallest when it was unveiled on December 2nd, 2012. Serving as a symbol of the UAE’s unity, the island commemorates the nation’s coming together through this iconic flagpole. The Flag Island serves as a unique destination in Sharjah and the UAE, where innovative design, fitness, and relaxation come together to provide an unmatched experience for the general public.

Souq Al Jubail

Nestled just adjacent to the Sharjah corniche, amidst a collection of fishing vessels afloat on the water, stands Souq Al Jubail, a prominent site characterized by its traditional Islamic architecture of domes and pillars. Acting as a significant point of reference, this marketplace plays host to the iconic features of Islamic design. Adjacent boats unload their catches, infusing the souk with the essence of a classic Sharjah fish market. Beyond this, it serves as the ultimate destination for procuring fruits and vegetables, showcasing an assortment of locally sourced and freshly imported produce, all reasonably priced.


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