Travel tips for business travelers


Business or pleasure? This is the most common question of travel. Since business travel is a lot different than traveling for adventure or cultural reasons, both staff from airlines and hotels might treat you differently. The way that you approach travel should be a little different when you are traveling for business. However, it’s important to try to enjoy yourself when you’re gone for work. It’s important to get rest and avoid wearing yourself out. Whoever you are, whatever you do for a living, and however you are traveling, below are some of the best tips for business travelers.

Spring for flight upgrades
One of the most valuable parts of business travel is your comfort. When you are traveling for pleasure, it’s easier to book the cheap flights and accommodations, but if you are working you should think about springing for those upgrades. Even if you can’t afford first class, business class will give you a little bit extra legroom and comfort. If you are trying to sleep, an upgrade will likely help you. The Lufthansa business class is particularly worth it. When you are going to be traveling, working, and staying in hotels, you probably need as much rest as you can get. Springing for the flight upgrades will likely pay off.

Stay in comfortable places
You don’t need to stay at five-star hotels to be comfortable. If it is a nice bathroom you want, you can look for that. If you want a spa and a hot tub, that should be available. When you are traveling for work, you should make choices that allow you to relax. You will be able to perform better, feel better, and get what you came there to do. Airbnb is also an option. It’s not about spending a lot of money; it’s about making sure you are as comfortable as possible so you can get work done and feel good while you’re doing it.

Stay close to the airport
If you are taking a short business trip and won’t have time to see the city or do anything fun while you’re there, it might be worth it to stay near the airport. That way, you will be able to get right to the hotel and leave easily for your return flight. Depending on where you need to do your meetings, you might need to travel for them. But traveling for your work is a lot better than trekking far to the airport for an early flight. If there isn’t much time, staying near the hotel is a great option.

Travel lightly
One mistake people make whether they are traveling for business or pleasure is packing too much. Traveling lightly will enable you to lower stress and make your trip a lot easier. If you are only going for a few days, there is no reason to check a bag. A carry-on and a personal bag will be the best way to get through your business trip quickly and without issue. You don’t want the airline to lose your bag for a two-day trip. Instead, travel lightly. It will make the whole trip easier.

Enjoy yourself
Perhaps the most overlooked part of business travel is the enjoyment. You are going all this way for work—sometimes even just for a single meeting—why wouldn’t you try to enjoy it? You should do your best to see the place you are going to. At least enjoy a nice dinner. Walk around and enjoy the sights and sounds. Another part of being well-rested is to take your mind off work. If you can escape and enjoy yourself as best you can, you will be recharged for work. No matter what the trip is for, if you have extra time, you should use it to have fun.

Travel is hard work, but it’s especially tough when you are traveling for business. You don’t need to spend a ton of money on business travel, but it’s important to see to it that you are well-rested. It’s important to recharge. You won’t be at peak performance in your meetings, at the conference, or giving your speech if you are tired and overworked.

Use the time away to do what you need to do to rest and relax. Enjoy the destination. Book a nice hotel and get a massage. Use the spa. Swim in the pool. Have a drink at the bar. Most importantly, you should do your best to make your business travel as comfortable as you need it to be.