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When choosing a destination for a holiday, one very important factor on our to-do list is sampling the local cuisine and the flavours. The cuisine of Bahrain is renowned for its fusion of many flavors. It is easy to get lost in the array of options this destination has to offer when it comes to food. Bahrain as a destination has a wide variety of food alternatives, including both local and international cuisines as well as vegan options.

The people of Bahrain love their meat. Most traditional dishes in Bahrain include fish, meat, rice, and dates. The flavours of dishes range from sweet to savory.

When in Bahrain, the perfect way to start your day is with a traditional Bahraini breakfast known as Balaleet, which consists of sweetened, fragrant vermicelli noodles topped with eggs. It sounds like a strange combination, but it works perfect! Machboos, a dish comprised of rice with meat or fish, is the most well-known dish in Bahrain. It resembles both the Saudi Kabsa and the dish we Indians adore and call Biryani.

You should taste this delicacy while visiting Manama, and you can find it at most eateries. Another preferred dish is Qoozi, which consists of grilled lamb or mutton filled with rice, boiled eggs, onions, and spices. This is a must-try among Bahrain’s cuisine. It is usually served during events and family get-togethers. Known as the Indian food in Bahrain, Biryani is said to be an absolute favorite.

It is important to try the local cuisine when visiting a new place, but after a few days, one often develops a craving for food with a distinct and familiar flavour profile. There are several restaurants in Bahrain that provide cuisine from various countries, including American, Mexican, Indian, and Italian, etc. As we have stated, you will be spoiled for choice in Bahrain.

Block 338, known as the “dining district,” is a foodie’s haven. Restaurants here serve cuisines from all over the world. There’s Japanese, Thai, Irish, European, American, seafood, Italian, Mexican, you name it, and they have it.

Bahrain is picking up its game when it comes to vegan and vegetarian food. Dishes like Vegan Harees, Vegan Bahraini Kabab, Falafel, Veg Biryani etc. If you are a vegan or a vegetarian, head over to restaurants like Plant Café, Baker & Spice Bahrain, Saffron by Jena, Maki Bahrain, and Emmawash Traditional Restaurant. In Bahrain there are restaurants that serve Indian cuisine like Asha’s, Rasoi by Vineet, Tanatan, Copper Chimney, Lanterns to name a few.

A popular drink in Bahrain is Gahwa, which is essentially spiced-up coffee that is usually served with dates. Most coffee, as well as tea shops in Manama, serve the traditional Gahwa.

Bahraini coffee is made from freshly ground beans with cardamom and is usually paired with oriental desserts like Bahraini halwa and dates.

If you enjoy sweets, try some of Bahrain’s delectable desserts. Khanfaroosh, a tiny Arab-style delight flavored with cardamom and saffron, is a dessert for morning pleasure. The Rangeena, a popular dessert comprised of dates, spices, and almonds on top, is another must-try item there along with the other most well-known sweets from Bahrain, like “Luqaimat,” “Asida,” “Al Khanfroush,” and “Al Qus Al Aqili.”

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