Bali to allow international tourist arrivals from September 11, 2020


Bali is gearing up to welcome international tourists from September 11, 2020. The popular tourist destination has issued details regarding its reopening in three phases.

Phase 1 has already begun where the province resumed its agricultural, construction and government industries. However, tourism-related activities and businesses, as well as education institutions, remain shut during this period.

The second phase, beginning from July 31, will restart tourism activities but limited to domestic tourists only.

The third phase will see the implementation of a wider scale of tourism activity including foreign tourists starting on September 11.

During these phases, the Bali government requests “order, discipline and responsibility” and urges travellers and locals to always wear mask/face shield, maintain social distancing, avoid large gatherings and wash hands frequently.

An official statement from the Bali Tourism Board reads, “With these efforts, we have been able to manage the Covid-19, but we still do not know for sure when the pandemic will end, considering that we have not found the vaccine. Therefore, we must strive to manage Covid-19, while at the same time start working again for the sake of human life.”