Best European Capitals to Visit in 2024


After struggling to meet the pre-pandemic levels last year, the travel and tourism industry is expected to fully recover to 2019 levels in 2024. The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) even predicts that this year, international tourism will grow two percent above 2019 levels.

Just as in 2023, when it reached 94 percent of pre-2020 levels, Europe will mark a further growth in the following months of this year, as data by the European Travel Commission (ETC), claim that 75 percent of those eager to travel overseas plan to visit Europe.

Europe is a continent where all four seasons occur, from milder summers and harsh winters in its north to Mediterranean Europe, which is characterized by lengthy, sweltering summers and brief winters. Travelers can choose between both or settle for the middle.

With its centuries-long history that has left behind countless castles, temples, old towns, and markets, to modern Europe that offers visitors the chance to see sleek skyscrapers and avant-garde cultural centers, Europe’s always a good idea for travel enthusiasts of every type.

However, in a world where travel is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity for one’s personal growth and mental health, travelers are considering more and more factors before taking a trip to a particular destination, rather than just its beauty and uniqueness.

Europe’s best top 10 capital cities to visit as a tourist and their scores are as follows:

RankCountryCapitalAvg Weekly BudgetTourism ScoreSafety ScoreEnglish Speaking ScoreFriendliness ScoreVG City Score

*The lower the Safety Score, the safer a city is.