IAHRC formed to promote independent/individual hotels and hospitality groups


Announcement of  the formation of IAHRC (Indian Association of Hotel Representatives & Companies ) by a  team of dedicated professionals who have been in the travel industry for over 15 years or more. An idea that was being worked upon for a year now has become more relevant in the wake of Covid. The need of the hour is to harness the collective  power and potential of an association, and hence this association of like-minded hotel representatives and associated companies has been formed.

A growing group of hospitality professionals and companies who represent independent/individual hotels or  hospitality groups, members of IAHRC strongly believe that their contribution to the hospitality economy is sizable and individuals and companies who represent and market hotels have also created value for the image of Brand India due to the concepts, stories, destinations and the people who power these unique often stand alone and off-beat hotels across India and the sub-continent.

One of the primary objectives of IAHRC is to quantify membership and set out a benchmark for quality in representation and sales & marketing services. The Association also aims to use their collective strength to petition for categorization and recognition under Tourism services with the Department of Tourism and work towards synergies with various other associations of the travel industry to drive excellence and collaborations.

IAHRC will be the voice of independent hotel representatives and companies. They aim to be a critical, one-stop resource for their  members. While their mission is to create an identity in the travel and tourism industry. The experienced board members will work together to create opportunities for partnerships across the industry, support and create value that will positively impact both the industry stakeholders and members.

The association aims to create synergies within and outside of the membership biosphere, while protecting and nurturing the interest of members and stakeholders viz a viz trade partners and associate hoteliers. IAHRC aims to lead and strengthen the tourism industry through promotion, education and advocacy on behalf of our members.

IAHRC strives to make a difference in the Indian Tourism Industry by benchmarking best practises, integrity and trust through collective envisioning of knowledge forums, skill development and excellence through teamwork, community development and a collaborative vision.

According to the President of IAHRC, Ms. Geeta Maheshwari, MD of Hospitality and Marketing Services; “The uncertainty of Covid has ensured that the tourism industry realizes the importance of its different sectors, including un-represented hospitality Groups. 

IAHRC  has been formed as a  response to the plight of hotel marketing companies and their lack of identity. The often uncertain and non-committal treatment meted out to us coupled with the lack of recognition by the tourism ministry has ensured this planned step. She is determined that “The climb will be difficult, the path untrodden but our collective passion and goodwill for the travel trade will lead us all to the desired goal.”

The introductory board of IAHRC comprises industry leaders with over 15 years in
the representation business and bring varied experiences to the association.

President : Ms. Geeta Maheshwari : Hospitality and Marketing Services

Vice President : Mr. K P Singh : Enchanting Experiences

General Secretary : Mr. Digvijay Diwakar : Diverse Hotels Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Joint Secretary : Ms. Shruti Pandey : Synergi Hospitality

Treasurer : Mr. Jitender Sharma, Consortium Resorts & Inns Pvt. Ltd.

Communications : Ms. Shoba Mohan : RARE India