Rajiv Duggal joins Signum Hotels and Resorts


Rajiv Duggal has joined Signum Hotels and Resorts as its Strategic advisor. Duggal has over 29 years of experience in various industries including Hospitality, he is known to thrive in extremely competitive market spaces.

“When it comes to reshaping a brand like Signum, Rajiv will come up with some of his astounding marketing and branding skills to spread the motto of ‘experiential stays’ worldwide. Signum is looking forward to welcoming him at their doorstep with a vision of a long lasting relationship that stands on the foundation of creating a mark all across the nations,” said Mehul Sharma, Founder CEO of Signum.

Signum Hotels and Resorts is focused and determined to be the best choice of the large scale, as well as medium-scale investors and developers, by providing expertise and hospitality solutions. We own state of the art methodologies to run and manage the best of properties in the best of locations, said Sharma.