Fareportal’s unique hybrid business model  bridges the gap between an online travel agency and a traditional travel agency 


With strong knowledge and experience in the air travel booking vertical, including corporate travel management and automation of wholesale distribution of complex international airfares, Fareportal operates in North America, Europe, and Asia. We’re also proud to partner with over 600 airlines, over 1 million hotels, and hundreds of car agencies worldwide.

Fareportal’s unique hybrid business model bridges the gap between an online travel agency and a traditional travel agency by providing a convenient online booking capability as well as a 24/7 personalized trip booking experience arranged by hundreds of trained and certified travel agents in multiple countries and in multiple languages.

By leveraging company-owned and operated contact centers located worldwide, Fareportal delivers one of the highest levels of customer service and support in the air travel business. Travelers around the world can find and book their perfect trip on its websites, mobile, and tablet apps, and by calling one of its hundreds of trained and certified travel agents.

Fareportal’s partner airlines benefit from the broad customer reach and strong customer value proposition as compared to the pure OTA model. Focused more on selling international and higher-yield complex airfares, partner airlines obtain higher revenue on a per-seat basis.

Rajat Bhatia Director on Board / VP – People & Culture (International) Fareportal India speaks to Travel Span about the key initiatives of the company in the Indian market

1. Kindly explain how Fareportal India is different from other platforms present in India.

Fareportal’s main business focus is in the Flights domain and thus being amongst the top three largest flights OTA in North America. Within this context, Fareportal has been instrumental by leading industry-first integrations of airline ancillaries and NDC with the world’s top airlines. Additionally, Fareportal provides high quality and high touch customer care 24/7 through its captive contact center with phone numbers displayed on every web page

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2.  What are the major key initiatives of the Company and how the OTA Landscape has changed during the Pandemic?

Fareportal’s key initiatives are to drive product innovation, make buying travel products simple and affordable with high quality and provide quality customer care. The OTA market will continue to see significant growth and is expected to recover very quickly. The key differentiator however will be personalization. Customer loyalty and retention assisted buying and flexible booking options at a good price will differentiate OTA’S

 3.  Past two years have been quite challenging due to the pandemic, what business strategy does Fareportal continue to adopt to strengthen its position in the Indian Travel space.

 Fareportal is focused on driving significant growth and expansion. The focus will be on introducing new products, new technologies and driving strong customer loyalty programs, and repositioning Fareportal as one of the top and preferred OTA

4.  Fareportal Continues Travel Innovation with Enhanced Chatbot Experience, kindly explain its features and utility.

Fareportal Chatbot uses natural language understanding to mimic human conversation and is available 24×7 to our customers. Customers can engage with the chatbot to search for flights, request help with their existing booking, and make changes to – or even cancel – their existing bookings quickly and easily.